Reasons to Learn Spanish on Your Own

I have always considered Spanish to be a very beautiful and romantic language. Although some people may say that a language cannot be romantic, I simply enjoy the pronunciation and the way it sounds. What can be more beautiful than a love song with Spanish lyrics or a letter from somebody you love written in Spanish? This is the main reason why I decided to learn it. However, I considered that taking language courses is too expensive and that is why I looked for more affordable solutions.

One method that really worked for me was speaking to a native Spanish. I had the luck to find someone at work that was from Spain and we started to hang out more. Whenever I had problems understanding a word, she would explain it to me in English. Although I thought that it is better to speak to someone who also knows my language, some people told me that it will be more challenging and I will be more motivating to speak Spanish to a person who does not understand other languages. My friend introduced me to other Spanish people who actually did not know English and I was forced to use my own vocabulary. This is how I learned new words and I was able to create my own sentences.

Spanish language learningseemed hard at first, but after some time I discovered that the basic rules of grammar are not so complicated. Having a developed vocabulary is much more important since you will be able to express yourself better. This is why I decided to purchase a dictionary. It is extremely useful, even though you will forget many of the words at first. I thought that a pocket dictionary was ideal for me, so I could keep it with me all the time. Whenever I wanted to create a sentence in Spanish and I did not know a word, I simply took out my small dictionary and looked for it.

The best way to learn a foreign language is by yourself. You will not be forced by a teacher to do your homework and you will be able to learn at your own pace. This is why I preferred to organize my own time and learn as much as I could when I had the chance. It is hard to combine work and other activities with your passion, but if you truly want to succeed, there will not be a problem. There are numerous programs on the internet that helped me learn the basic rules of grammar and spelling. I just had to do a couple of exercises per day and then write my own composition. I even found a website where you could teach a foreigner your language, and he will teach you theirs. It is a fun way to learn Spanish and I even made new friends.

Who knows, maybe I will take a trip to my Spanish friends in the future, and learning the language will definitely help me communicate

Author: Janiece Schroeder