The Best Way To Learn French

Keeping your motivation high is top priority for learning French or any other language. Learning a new language is a marathon, not a sprint. That is a reason why your French learning process has to be enjoyable and pleasant and not a long suffering filled with boring memorization drills. How to accomplish this uneasy task? The simplest solution is to find learning tools and system that you personally like and find stimulating.

Start speaking and practicing French immediately as soon as you learn the basic vocabulary and simple sentence structure Do not waste your time and effort learning needless words or rarely used and formal phrases that you cannot apply in daily conversation. Instead, learn the frequently used French nouns and verbs first, along with the most important grammar rules. Many consider the best way to learn French vocabulary is French flash cards. Remeber, any method you choose, the key to your French speaking confidence is to actually start using the words and form sentences as soon as you can. This pro-active approach strenghtens the long-term memory and you will learn how to speak basic French surprisingly fast.

Say it LOUD When you read in French, make it to be heard. Read loud and in this way you will stimulate other parts of your brain and cognitive system. Through hearing you will learn much faster. Reading out loud is also the best way to learn French pronunciation and increase your French speaking confidence.4. Immersion in French is what makes all the difference Surrounding yourself with French language is certainly the best, most effective and quickest way to learn French.

For those who are lucky to live close to the French speaking community, try to engage into conversation in French as much as you can. Practice saying easy phrases in a grocery store or similar places. Once you overcome your initial resistance, you will be amazed how easy it is to actually speak French. It is a very powerful technique.

Alternative ways for those who have no connection with native French speaking community is to engage into social groups of those who are also studying the language. Perhaps you can find somebody who is a French speaker and who is trying to learn your native language. Often such groups meet at coffee shops or bookstores and practice their language skills.

Listening to French songs and watching French movies with subtitles in French is also an effective way to immerse in French.5. Put your learning on steroids with high quality French language course To take your French learning off the ground you need a systematic approach. Private tutor is a good way but most likely your best bet will be the high quality language software either as learn French CD or French audio lessons. Why? The good French course (it does not mean that it has to be an expensive) provides a diversity of learning tools that enhance your learning in many ways. Good course, ideally, will give you a systematic approach to learning.

Author: Janiece Schroeder